Kim Kardashian: Wedding Finally Shows Up On "KUWTK"

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West had one of the most talked-about weddings of the year, but fans didn't get to see much of it other than what the bride posted to her Instagram account. Now, Keeping Up With The Kardashians has finally caught up to the big day, and portions of the nuptials aired on the final episode of the season on Monday.

In part, the episode follows Kim as she helps her sisters try on their bridesmaid gowns, which was a massive task in itself.

"I can tell that the girls aren't loving their dresses. It's really, really hard to find a dress that will fit all of my sisters' body types. Every single person has a different shape, height, whatever, and when we first ordered these dresses, I had no idea Kourtney would be pregnant. I want everyone to feel really comfortable and just love what they have. It's really hard," Kim said.

Adding to the drama of the day was the fact that Kim's brother Rob left Paris to go home the day before the ceremony. His absence upset Kim, who said she had to try not to think about it to avoid getting upset.

"Rob ended up not getting on the plane from Paris to Florence, and he got on a flight all the way back to Los Angeles," Scott Disick said.

Kim recently announced on Watch What Happens Live that she and Kanye are trying for baby number two, which captured the attention of the media and fans of the reality star, but no announcements have been made regarding whether she may already be expecting.

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