Kim Kardashian Naked in Kanye's New Video


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Television personality, fashion designer, model and brand-new-mommy, Kim Kardashian is naked...Again. Sure, the first time she was naked, it wasn't exactly on purpose. Skeletons from the 33-year-old's closet busted out when her sex tape with now ex-boyfriend and musician, Ray J was made public.

But now, Kim K. has moved on to bigger and better things, settling down with rapper, Kayne West. Now that the successful couple has a beautiful baby, they can start planning their big wedding celebration. (The two recently became engaged.)

With all that the dynamic couple is up to, you'd think the romance has simmered...but think again! The new mommy and daddy and soon-to-be bride and groom heated things up in West's latest video, Bound2.

The video debuted on "Ellen" yesterday.

And now that the video has been viral for a little bit, people have had time to talk...

Be forewarned, it's uncensored.

Very proud, Kim K. hastily posted the video on her YouTube account for all her fans and followers to see.

While there's no doubt that the video's leading lady, Miss Kim, looks gorgeous, the song seems to be falling flat with YouTube users

YouTube usesr, ZORRILLO89 said, "hurt my ears really bad."

Another user said, "Couple of things: Very amateur attempt. Don't like the song or the "artist." Also, I find it interesting that Kim Kardashian is trying hard to look like Beyonce...."

And it seems YouTube users aren't the only folks voicing their opinions on Bound2.

Fellow E! star, Chelsea Handler poked fun at the video on her late-night show. Check it out here.

So now that you've seen the video, what do you all think? Was Kim K. pushing the limit a little too much as a new mother? Did Kanye's lyrics fall flat or did you fall in love?

Photo Credit: YouTube