Kim Kardashian Gets Speeding Ticket


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Kim Kardashian cannot outrun the paparazzi no matter how hard she tries. Kardashian was pulled over at approximately 1:00 p.m. on October 12 while driving eastbound on Los Angeles' 101 Freeway.

Apparently, Kardashian started speeding in her black Rolls Royce to try to avoid the many paparazzi that were following her. No one has confirmed how fast she was actually going. While you would think she would be used to the constant stalking, it seems as though she was fed up and was going to get away, even if it meant getting a speeding ticket in the process.

The California Highway Patrol pulled Kardashian over causing a scene of commotion of the 101. When Kardashian stopped her car, the paparazzi stopped their cars as well. The police say this is not only unsafe, but illegal. Approximately five cars stopped to photograph Kardashian which TMZ described as "total pandemonium." A helicopter was even seen flying overhead to snap pictures.

While most of the paparazzi got away, at least one received a citation for speeding and making a non-emergency stop. E! reported that the California Highway Patrol will be speaking to the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office to find out if the Los Angeles anti-paparazzi laws pertain to this incident.

Image via Twitter