Kim Cattrall Urges U.K. Government To Preserve A Liverpool Park


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Sex and the City actress Kim Cattrall is clashing with Liverpool officials about the fate of a park in her hometown.

A native of the city, the actress has been campaigning hard for the preservation of Sefton Park Meadow.

Kim feels very strongly about the meadow, which the city is planning to sell off for development.

The move has been a hot-button issue for some time.

Cattrall made a statement to the Liverpool Echo detailing her feelings on the controversy:

I love Sefton Park. I was lucky enough to grow up playing there, so it's very sad what's going on right now with the meadows. [I] feel that my involvement with that, it feels from my mum as well.

I first told her about it, and she said 'That's just not right, this is the people's land' and I believe that as well. So I'm very disappointed that the Mayor has made the decisions that he has.

This endeavor included Cattrall taking a picture next to a sign that read “Meadows are not for sale" and even getting into a heated Twitter war with Liverpool mayor Joe Anderson.

Despite being abroad, Kim Cattrall still expresses strong opinions about what happens in her hometown.

Mayor Anderson was less than amused at the criticism he’s received from Cattrall.

“It's all very well for a Hollywood superstar to shout from the sidelines,” said Anderson. “But what does [Kim Cattrall] really know of the issues that Liverpool faces?”

The disgruntled mayor goes on to say that Cattrall’s comments about Sefton Park are “totally out of context and ill-informed”.

Cattrall fired back with a comment of her own via Twitter:

This meadow is one of dozens that are up for sale according to the Echo.

There is a dedicated movement underway to save Sefton Park Meadow and other “green spaces” from the threat of destruction and development.

Cattrall returned Liverpool this weekend to collect a local award and share her feelings about the campaign to preserve the meadow.

It sounds as though Kim Cattrall will continue to do all she can in the fight to preserve the park, regardless of how local government officials feel about the celebrity.