Killzone: Shadow Fall Gets A Live-Action Trailer


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The live-action trailer is one of the most overused "genres" of game trailers. Since Microsoft started the trend with Halo 3, every AAA blockbuster seems to get some kind of live-action trailer that lets you know the stakes couldn't be any higher and the action couldn't be any bolder.

Keeping in line with this unspoken tradition, Sony has just released its live-action ad for Killzone: Shadow Fall. In it, we're treated to a scene ripped straight out of any generic sci-fi action film, just minus the fun. Instead, it's all bleakness, death and disaster as you see men and women being gunned down in the streets as soldiers recite their oath to protect the innocent and weak. The trailer concludes with our hero surrounded by bodies as it asks the player - "What will you sacrifice for peace?"

Like the live-action God of War: Ascension trailer before it, the production values are incredibly high. Sony really knows how to nail the live-action game trailer. The only complaint you could levy against it is that it doesn't really do a stellar job of selling you a game. Instead, it seems almost like a music video for a certain overused song by Drowning Pool.

Despite that, Killzone: Shadow Fall remains one of the most anticipated PS4 launch titles. It will officially be available on November 15 alongside the PS4, but many retailers are already selling copies. I was able to pick up a copy over the weekend and my local game shop still had many left.

[h/t: PlayStation/YouTube]