Kiefer Sutherland Regrets Not Going After The Girl In New Axe Ad

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When you think of advertisements for Axe products, your mind probably recalls images of oversexed girls flocking to guys and mouthing sexual innuendos - basically the hyperbolic male fantasy played out in real life.

But a new spot from the company has a different tone. Gone is the "use our product and you'll be eyes-deep in tail" message, having now been replaced with a motivational plea to young men out there to be bold and have no fear - or you'll regret it.

In the kick off to their "Fear No Susan Glenn" campaign, Axe has employed Kiefer Sutherland and his made-for-voiceover pipes to recall a time when he did in fact fear Susan Glenn, the girl he never approached because he didn't think he had a chance.

It's a much different Axe commercial than what you've seen in the past, plus the whole Jack Bauer presence makes it really stand out.

Check it out below:

We think that it's an incredibly well done advert - what say you?

[h/t Mashable]
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