Kickstarter Comes to Canada: Build Projects Now, Launch Them September 9th

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As promised back in June, Kickstarter has finally launched to Canadian projects.

This is Kickstarter's second major international expansion. The crowdfunding site officially went live for U.K.-based projects back in October of 2012. Like the U.K. rollout, today's launch in Canada is more of a soft launch. Users can start building their projects starting today, but they won't officially go live until September 9th. Kickstarter says that this should give everyone plenty of time to perfect their project presentations.

All of the fees will be the same (Kickstarter will take a 5% cut on successfully funded projects) and all Canadian-based projects will appear beside U.S. and U.K. -based projects (there won't be a special Canadian Kickstarter site).

As far as pledging for Canadian-based projects goes...

"The mechanics of Kickstarter (all-or-nothing funding, rewards, etc.) are identical for all projects. When pledging, however, backers of Canadian projects will enter their payment information directly on Kickstarter rather than through Amazon Payments. All pledges will be processed securely through a third-party payments processor," says Kickstarter.

So, if you're in Canada and have been itching to kick off your project - the wait is over. Head on over to Kickstarter's project starter page and get to it. And of course, good luck.

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