Kickstarter Boasts 2.2M+ Pledgers, $319M Pledged, and Many More Year-End Stats

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Online crowdfunding leader Kickstarter may be a little late to the game - but late is bette than never, right? They're finally published their 2012 year-in-review, and it's in the form of a fun little slideshow that not only displays some key stats but also takes you through the highlights of the year - month by month. Some of these highlights include the Kickstarter-funded bus stop in Georgia, the company's three-year anniversary in April, a Kickstarter-funded Opera premiering at the Kennedy Center in June, and the launch of the world's first pizza museum in September (Kickstarter-funded, of course).

But I know you're a stathead, so here are the big numbers for 2012:

  • 2,241,475 individual pledgers
  • who pledged $319,786,629 collectively
  • This funding helped successfully fund 18,109 projects
  • That's a rate of just over $606 of pledging per minute during the year

Kickstarter also touts their most valuable members - the ones who pledge for multiple projects. In 2012, 570,672 people backed two or more projects and 50,047 backed ten or more.

There's also an elite club of 452 people who backed 100+ projects during the year.

Project backers came from 177 countries (90% of the countries in the world).

Categorically, Music had the most projects funded with 5,067 - but games had the most money pledged with $83 million. Last week, Kickstarter told us that Film was the first project category to hit $100m in funding since their launch back in 2009.

One final interesting stat: 10% of the films being shown at Sundance this year are Kickstarter projects.

If you want to check out the slideshow, go here.

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