Khloe Kardashian: Husband Lamar Odom Wants Millions

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Khloe Kardashian has reportedly stood by her husband's side as he battled a drug addiction and while he purportedly cheated on her with not one--but several women. Now she has learned that Lamar Odom wants to make big bucks when she divorces him. It seems at least part of the $10 million he is demanding is hush money. The NBA player is threatening to go public with information about what goes on inside the Keeping Up With the Kardashians empire--as well as about a sex tape he and Khloe Kardashian made. In addition to the cash, Lamar wants Khloe to give him back the $875,000 engagement ring he bought her.

This information comes on the heels of a visit that Khloe Kardashian made with her mom, Kris Jenner, to a divorce lawyer. Once they came up with a deal they deemed suitable, Lamar responded with his $10 million demand. Twitter was instantly abuzz about the news.

Meanwhile Khloe Kardashian appears to go on with her life despite Lamar's demands and claims of being clean and sober. While she was out partying with friends, Lamar Odom was busy making a YouTube video. In it he raps about people hating blacks and the drugs he supposedly isn't doing. The video lends itself to a much different set of circumstances from the scenario he wants Khloe to believe.

Do you think Khloe Kardashian will settle with Lamar Odom for his $10 million and the return of her engagement ring? After all, Kris Jenner is very protective of the Kardashian empire. Or do you think Kris will make Khloe demand a modification to his terms? Mama Jenner is, after all, all about the money.

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