Kevin Spacey "Tweets" Photo Standing in the Flood

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Movie Star, Kevin Spacey, visited Charleston, South Carloina this weekend and "tweeted" a picture of himself standing on in the flooded waters that were making there way down Wentworth Street, in downtown Charleston. "I had a great time in Charleston, SC. Beautiful summer weather," the 53-year-old tweeted on Sunday. It is reported that Charleston frequently floods due to it's location so near to the Atlantic Ocean and it's streets lying so low.


Spacey, one of the most well known Hollywood actors, has recently been nominated for an Emmy award for his role in the Netflix original series, "House of Cards". Receiving the nomination marks the first time that television's top awards has recognized a series delivered online as equal in quality to the series only viewed on television. "House of Cards" earned a total of nine nominations in all. Spacey was also nominated for the best drama series actor award. All 13 episodes of the season can be seen via Netflix.