Kevin Spacey Defends House of Cards' Emmy Noms on the Colbert Report

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Kevin Spacey appeared on The Colbert Report last night, and the two spent most of the time talking about Spacey's popular Netflix original series House of Cards. Colbert grilled Spacey on how the show could be up for an Emmy, considering it's not really a TV show.

"Nominated for 9 Emmys," said Colbert. "Ok, I got a beef about this though, Kev. It's not a TV show. It's an internet are admittedly the Jackie Robinson of the internet. Why should you get an award for TV when you're not on TV? What do you want next, a Heisman? Defend yourself!"

Here's what Spacey had to say about it:

"Look, it's where things have been going. If you look at the last 8 years, the way in which people are watching, binging on shows - it all really started with box sets. And the truth is I think that what's been kind of remarkable about how the audience has responded with House of Cards coming out all at that they are in control. They can watch it how they want to watch it.

Check out the full interview below:

Netflix made history in July by snagging 14 Emmy nominations - the first non-traditional platform to be rewarded with any noms. House of Cards led the pack with 9, including nods to Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright, and David Fincher for direction. Eli Roth's horror series Hemlock Grove came away with 2 nominations, and Arrested Development grabbed 3.

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