Kerry Washington Bares Pregnant Belly at SAG Awards

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Kerry Washington of Scandal fame wore a rather short top--baring her belly at the SAG Awards on Saturday evening. She donned a sparkling bright pink crop top designed by Prada for the event, along with a long black satin skirt. As the cameras snapped photos they caught not only how pretty the Scandal star was, but her burgeoning bump underneath her top as well.

"I don't have anything to hide anymore!" she said to Ross Matthews on the red carpet prior to the event--referring, of course, to her bared belly.

Wearing her hair up in a sleek bun adorned with a black satin ribbon, Kerry Washington was indeed stunning, but no doubt had the entire place buzzing about her bare (and rather big) baby bump.

A bit later in the evening Washington shared a photo of herself with pal Mindy Kaling via Twitter, allowing fans a glimpse of her beautiful ensemble, but not quite showing the exposed bump.

When Kerry Washington attended the Golden Globes, just about a week ago, she kept her baby bump under wraps, wearing instead a gorgeous white Balenciaga gown. She told Ryan Seacrest that she had brought the very best date of all to the Golden Globes--referring, of course, to her unborn baby.

Critics always have things--both pro and con--to say about the attire celebrities choose to wear at these very public events. It will certainly be interesting to learn come Monday morning if Kerry Washington's name makes the talk show circuit. Will they cut to footage of Saturday night's SAG Awards and show stills of Kerry wearing her glitzy pink crop top with her belly peeking out from underneath? What do you think the general consensus will be about her style of choice?

As you can well see from the film clip above, Washington is several months into her pregnancy. Different sources are reporting an array of guesses, but it looks and sounds like she is at least six months along. Do you think pregnant mothers should revert to the fashion modes of decades past and keep their pregnant bellies covered or do you like the new style Kerry Washington sported at the SAG Awards?

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