Kenny Rogers Home Sells for $2.5 Million

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Kenny Rogers home, which was to be sold at auction on Tuesday, was suddenly pulled off the block with very little explanation, according to Online Athens. Instead of watching the property disappear into the hands of the highest bidder, Rogers decided to go with a much more substantial offer: $2.5 million.

Rogers, who has penned a number of country music staples over the years, announced earlier this year that he intended to part with his expansive Jackson County estate at auction. Advertisements for the event claimed that there was no minimum bid, which caused a number of individuals with weighty bank accounts to crawl out of the proverbial woodwork. Unfortunately, by the time these anxious bidders were ready to toss some wads of money at the singer's home, the entire auction had been called off. So much for being a gambler.

Shortly after the auction was scheduled to begin, a lawyer made his way before the crowd and announced that "Kenny has decided to take the house off the market." For some, the disappointment was palpable.

"I wasn’t going to pay that kind of money for it,” Athens, Georgia resident J.B. Weaver Jr. explained “It was advertised so heavily as ‘absolute, no reserve."

Although bidders were probably extremely agitated about not having an opportunity to bid on the property, even the most bitter of those in attendance can't argue with Rogers' decision to sell his home for such a substantial amount of cash. Presently, no explanation has been offered as to why, exactly, the auction was cancelled or who decided to spend that much money on the estate.

According to the auction house, Rogers' property consists of a "5,681-square-foot house, a 2,675-square-foot pool, an 8-acre lake, horse riding trails, go-cart track and other amenities."

That's what country music and fried chicken can get you these days, kids.