Kendra Wilkinson: Did She Really Take Hank Baskett Back?

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Kendra Wilkinson is said to have reunited with husband Hank Baskett after two months of living apart.

Wilkinson has apparently forgiven Baskett after he explained his side in the highly publicized cheating scandal which he was involved in.

According to a new report from Life&Style, the former NFL player has claimed that he was merely a victim of “unwanted sexual advances.”

Baskett allegedly told Wilkinson that a friend of his lives in the same housing complex as transgender model Ava London, who he was said to have had an affair with. On a visit to help his unnamed friend, who has asked him to come over to her house to fix something, Baskett claims London made unwanted advances toward him, and he “felt violated afterward.”

Friends close to Wilkinson are convinced he’s lying, but she apparently doesn't think he is.

“Her friends don’t trust him,” the source stated, “but there’s no convincing Kendra that Hank is lying.”

The new trailer for Season 3 of Kendra on Top shows the 29-year-old reality star crying after having learned of the cheating allegations.

“My whole life just flipped upside down,” she is heard saying, as the words “sex scandal” flash on screen. She later confronts him but Baskett denies her accusations.

The couple was in Costa Rica together in August to film episodes for the reality series, where the former The Girls Next Door star reunited with her 56-year-old father Eric who she said she hasn't seen for many years.

The trip was mostly business though, with Baskett present only because “he's contractually obligated to appear on the series.” a source told US Weekly. "Kendra and Hank slept in different rooms. She is not taking him back."

They were also ignoring each other when they were photographed lunching outdoors at Lola's restaurant on the beach in Costa Rica. The pic showed them sitting at opposite ends of the table with their son Hank Jr. between them, the two turned away from one another.

The couple took separate flights on their trip back to LA, although the athlete was spotted with his wedding band on.

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