Kendall Jenner Supports Kylie And Loves Her Lips


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Kylie Jenner has gotten a lot of attention lately over her plump lips.

Rumors suggested that the teen had gotten some type of plastic surgery or was getting Botox injections.

Kim Kardashian recently came to her defense during an online interview and said that her sister's beautiful lips were a result of her good makeup techniques.

Kylie also took to Twitter to let everyone know that she was tired of hearing about her lips and felt like it was time for the world to talk about something else.

Kendall Jenner also had something to say about her sister's lips. According to a source for Reality TV Magazine, “They both support each other in all that they do. Kendall thinks that Kylie looks beautiful with her lips and loves that it makes her feel better about herself.”

The source said that although the girls have been known to be a little competitive with each other, they are also very supportive of one another and always quick to stick up for each other.

Another source told Hollywood Life that Kylie is just as supportive of Kendall and that when Kendall decided to do a nearly-nude photo shoot earlier this year, it was Kylie who jumped to her defense against critics and haters.

“Kylie is very proud of Kendall’s modeling achievements,” the source said.

Earlier this year, the girls' mother Kris bragged about them. She said that although her daughters are obviously successful, she is just as proud of them for their personalities.

Do you think Kendall and Kylie are really as supportive of each other as sources claim?