Kendall Jenner Impresses Tommy Hilfiger


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Kendall Jenner has gotten a lot of attention as a model and she even went as far as to drop her last name to make sure nobody thought she was getting a free ride because of her celebrity status.

While it's been rumored that Kendall's modeling success has gone to her head, there is one designer who says that she deserves to be a little cocky and that he thinks she is going to be a big star someday soon.

Tommy Hilfiger knows a thing or two about models and he said that Kendall has something special that you just don't see everyday.

"She is great, just great. She is amazing," Hilfiger gushed to E! News. "She is a great model and she is a sweetheart. She is going to be a big star!"

Kendall recently walked for Hilfiger in a show and while most people were drawn to Kendall for her good looks, Hilfiger said that he was just as charmed by her politeness and overall good attitude.

"She thanked me!" Hilfiger said. "Out of all the models only Kendall and Georgia May Jagger thanked me for putting them in the show. And you don't really always get that from lots of models and lots of superstars, so they were very appreciative, very polite and very nice."

Kendall has gotten a lot of criticism for rumors about her behavior, but those close to her insist that she is a hard worker, very focused and down-to-earth.

In addition to walking for Tommy Hilfiger this week, Kendall also walked in the Diane von Furstenberg show. She has also walked for Marc Jacobs and for other designers during Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week.

If Kendall can continue to impress designers the way she has impressed Tommy Hilfiger, she may become the supermodel she has always dreamed of being.