Ken Whisenhunt Hired As Coach Of Tennessee Titans


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On the hunt for head coaches, several teams have been interviewing with, and hiring new personnel to their team.

Ken Whisenhunt was in high demand as the offensive coordinator for the San Diego Chargers, and the Titans were the more aggressive team, being able to snag him before the Detroit Lions could get to him.

The Detroit Lions have been on a serious hunt for their head coach ever since firing Jim Schwartz at the end of their less than stellar season.

The Tennessee Titans hired Ken Whisenhunt while the Lions were in hot pursuit of him, in a smart move that prevented him from getting an interview with the Lions.

The Titans have also struggled as of recently, and could use even more rebuilding than the Lions, who at least have a roster of strong players, but continue to be unable to win.

After the brutal black Monday firings that saw a handful of coaches lose their jobs, a number of teams are already thinking about next season, and trying to get the best coach available.

The Lions are still on the hunt for a new head coach, but Jim Caldwell seems to be the top candidate, and has even come with a strong recommendation from Tony Dungy, who Caldwell spent years coaching under, before becoming the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts.

Ken Whisenhunt was becoming the top candidate for the Lions, but both sides were beginning to wonder if he was the right fit since Whisenhunt is used to working with a 3-4 defense, and many of the players on the Lions have been drafted to play in the 4-3 scheme.

The Tennessee Titans announced the news on Monday, and those in Tennessee are excited over the news of their new coach. Tommy Smith, the CEO and president of the Tennessee Titans spoke highly of the new situation when saying "This is a big day for this franchise. Ken is a well-respected coach in this league and I am looking forward to seeing his vision become reality for this team."

Ken Whisenhunt finished his duties as the offensive coordinator for the San Diego Chargers when his team suffered a loss to the Denver Broncos, who have moved on to play the New England Patriots in the AFC Conference Championship.

Whisenhunt has previous head coaching experience as the coach of the Arizona Cardinals, when he went 45-51, but led the team to their only Super Bowl.

At the age of 51, Ken Whisenhunt will look to take another shot at being a head coach, and hope to improve the Tennessee Titans franchise. The Titans are likely to need some help in the NFL draft as well, as they do not currently have a franchise player on offense that they can turn to in order to be a leader.

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