Ken Whisenhunt Head Coach Interview With The Tennessee Titans Confirmed


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Lately, there's been lots of chatter in the NFL about San Diego Chargers' Offensive Coordinator Ken Whisenhunt. Although he's been working hard to prepare the Chargers for today's playoff game, he's obviously had other obligations on his agenda.

According to LA Times, on Saturday Jan. 11, it was confirmed that Whisenhunt had interviewed with the Tennessee Titans for their head coaching position. 

Some NFL enthusiast might argue whether Whisenhunt is the best candidate for the position, given his topsy-turvy six seasons as head coach of the Arizona Cardinals.

His overall head coaching record of 45-51 with the Cardinals wasn't the best, but he did manage to lead the team to their first Super Bowl in franchise history.

Even his following season with the Cardinals was quite impressive, as they finished the season off with 10 wins. Unfortunately, the walls slowly came crashing down when the team took a nosedive, with three straight non-playoff seasons. 

Whisenhunt only managed to win 5 out of 11 games in both of his last two seasons as head coach. But, nevertheless, having competed in a Super Bowl does speak volumes. His work with the Chargers this season also helped to revitalize his candidacy. Whisenhunt's coaching expertise was a vital component for the substantial improvement of the Chargers, who ranked No. 5 in the league this season. The impressive feat is exactly why the interviews didn't stop with Tennessee.

It was also reported that Whisenhunt met with another NFL franchise - the Detroit Lions. On Thursday Jan. 9, a number of media outlets have reported that he traveled to Detroit for the interview, and that he'll also be meeting with the Cleveland Browns this coming Saturday. However, he's not divulging any information about plans for next season. He's only focused on the present.

“The only thing that's important to me, to be perfectly honest with you, is getting prepared for this game and that's the work that has got my focus right now,” Whisenhunt said to Detroit Free Press. “Everything else is secondary.”

So football fans will have to just wait and see what the end result will be.

Image via Wikimedia Commons | Ken Whisenhunt