Kelly Ripa Shares Vacation Experience


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Kelly Ripa recently took a dream trip to Europe where she met up with her friends the Seinfelds. When Kelly returned to Live with Kelly & Michael she was excited to share stories about her vacation and elaborated on some of the family’s great experiences.

“I gotta tell you, it was magical. It was one of those trips where it all came together so beautifully. We started out in Paris for a couple of days – just a quick, quick trip to Paris – and then we spent the bulk of our trip, 10 days, in Greece, going from island to island,” Ripa said.

Kelly took her husband Mark Consuelos and their kids Michael, Lola, and Joaquin along with her on the trip. The Seinfeld’s also brought their children, Sascha, Julian, and Shepherd along with them.

Together, the families traveled throughout Europe, stopping in Greece and Paris. Kelly and Jessica Seinfeld both shared photos of their trip on their Instagram and Twitter pages.

Kelly said that although both families brought their children, there was plenty of adult time and sometimes it even seemed like the children weren’t there because they got along so well with each other and amused themselves.

So what was Kelly’s favorite part of the trip? Greece of course. She suggested that anyone wanting to take a trip to Europe make a stop in Greece.

“If you’re taking a trip someplace overseas and you’re thinking, ‘Where should we go? What should we do?’ I highly encourage you to visit Greece because the people are the kindest and the loveliest, and it’s so beautiful,” she said.

What do you think of Kelly Ripa's vacation photos and where is your favorite place to visit in Europe?

Image via Wikimedia Commons