Kelly Osbourne Hospitalized For Pneumonia


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Kelly Osbourne has been hospitalized for pneumonia and alerted her fans via a photo she posted on Instagram.

In the photo Kelly is lying in a hospital bed and holding a sign that reads, "Why am I in the hospital?"

Kelly also captioned her photo with “When you have a cough go to the doctor or you will end up like me! #Pneumonia.”

Her fans commented on the photo with get well soon wishes and seemed genuinely worried about the star.

Kelly hasn't had it easy the last few days and has been very upset about the death of Joan Rivers.

When Rivers was alive and in the hospital, Kelly posted on Twitter that she was praying for Rivers and asked her fans and friends to pray as well.

She was devastated to find out that Rivers passed away just a week after she was hospitalized. The fact that Kelly was so stressed and upset could have made her more susceptible to pneumonia, and she said that she was aware that she had a cough, but didn't think it was bad enough to go to the doctor over.

Kelly has been hospitalized several times over the last few years. In 2008 she was hospitalized for pneumonia as well and last year she was sent to the hospital after suffering a seizure while filming the television show that she starred on with Joan Rivers, Fashion Police.

Hopefully Kelly can get the treatment she needs and recover quickly.