Kelly Clarkson Says She Knows The Sex Of Her Baby

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Kelly Clarkson only recently announced that she's expecting, because she and her husband wanted to wait until the pregnancy was far enough along. But the "American Idol" alum says she thinks she knows the sex of the baby already.

"She's killing me,' said Clarkson. "Of course it's a girl, causing the trouble."

The "trouble" she's referring to is constant morning sickness, which caused her to cancel a performance and, in turn, to announce her pregnancy.

"I had to cancel something because I'd been so ill, so I didn't want people to think I was canceling [because] I was lazy or something, so we just told people. But we had a really good reason," she said.

Clarkson and hubby Brandon Blackstock--who has two children from a previous marriage--try to make time for one another during her busy schedule, which is made easier because Blackstock, a manager, can do his job from anywhere.

"Our job is so not normal, we're on the go all time, it's hard to date," she said. "What's great about Brandon is he's a manager so he totally gets what I do. He can do his job out on the road with me."

The singer is currently touring the talk show circuit to promote her Christmas album, "Wrapped In Red", and although she says she and Blackstock already have a name picked out for their little bundle of joy, they aren't sharing it yet.

"We named our kid before we were even pregnant," she said.

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