Kellan Lutz Talks Butt Chafing? Bulks Up For 'Legend Of Hercules'


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Although Twilight actor Kellan Lutz may have the awesome body of a gladiator, he didn't always have the warrior expertise he cleverly displays in the new film The Legend of Hercules.

According to E! News, the actor sat down with the network's own Giuliana Rancic and Catt Sadler this past Friday to dish about the film.

He admitted to having a slight issue with his butt while shooting the film. Lutz,who portrays the lead role of Hercules, actually had a bout with butt chafing while mastering the art of equestrianism.

Obviously, horseback riding wasn't one of the stunning actor's strong points. But, if the film is any indicator of his progress, it looks like he conquered butt chafing and horseback riding quite well.

He even shared his account of the uncomfortable and disconcerting experience! "It got rough. It got really rough," Lutz told Rancic and Sadler. "There was some chafing. You're bouncing up and down, you have to ride [the horse], so you really learn. So, my butt just got raw," he explained. 

"I got some scars on it and I had to be on the horse the next day, because the horse needs to learn that you are the rider, so you can never miss a day," he continued. "So, I learned my lesson to listen to the experts and I will always do that from now on."

Lutz and Rancic mutually agreed that butt cream, which was his remedy of choice, is the best way to relieve such discomfort. Rancic also weighed in with her comedic accounts of butt chafing, stating that she opted for her baby's cream.  (image)

But fortunately, all of his horse woes paid off! He also revealed that the horse was quite beneficial for his workout routine. Lutz, who has physically transformed into Hercules with his ultra-toned biceps, explained that most of his workouts were done on set with the help of the horse.

"I had my trusty beast—my horse—to work on my legs with every time I rode him and then also working with a sword—it works your shoulders and your chests quite well, so I love it," he said. "Also, I'm topless in most of the scenes so it gave me the opportunity to do push-ups whenever I wanted to."

His hard work has definitely paid off, and it shows in his on-screen performance. The Legend of Hercules was released to theaters nationwide on Friday, Jan. 10.

Image via Facebook | Kellan Lutz (1) (2)