Keanu Reeves' Film '47 Ronin' Based on True Japanese Story


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Veteran actor and man of action, Keanu Reeves, is back with yet another action thriller. This time, he's starring in the Carl Rinsch-directed film “47 Ronin.” The newly revised film is actually an adaptation of a true Japanese story. The film's plot was derived from an actual historical event known as the Edo Period, which translates to the word, “Chushingura.” The story centers around a lord who was wrongfully executed. His followers – ronin – are the ones who sought revenge.

According to ABC News, Rinsch shared his perspective on the upcoming film. He explained that he and Reeves actually sat down with the film subject nearly two years ago. The two collaborated in an effort to transform the popular Japanese subject matter, all while complimenting the material. After much consideration, the two concluded that they would simply make “it a Hollywood blockbuster and see it through that lens.”

"These themes of revenge, loyalty, perseverance, were things we knew from the very beginning were universal," said Rinsch. The film has even more of an importance to Rinsch, given it is actually his directional feature debut. The film stars Japanese actor, Hiroyuki Sanada, who portrays the main character, Kuranosuke Oishi. Oishi serves as the leader. Sanada and Reeves aspired to bring to life the friendship between the two characters.

Reeves also weighed in on his sentiments of the film. He described the film as a tale where "share this journey to reclaim their land, their honor, their way. It was very special to me to be part of it."

“47 Ronin” is scheduled to premiere in Japan Dec. 6. The film will hit theaters in North America on Christmas day.

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