Katy Perry Wins Over Everyone At VMAs

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Katy Perry brought down the house last night at the MTV Video Music Awards, and although Miley Cyrus is hogging most of the spotlight today plenty of people are talking about Perry's Brooklyn Bridge performance, which included synchronized jump-roping and a gold-plated boxing theme.

Perry debuted a live performance of "Roar", the first single off her new album "Prism", and in typical Katy fashion went all out in the boxing motif. There was a "coach" giving her a pep talk beforehand, a stage set up like the ring, and a slew of backup dancers all dressed in warmup gear. The pop singer recently did away with her old candy-colored image for good--burning her iconic blue wig in the process--and is moving on to bigger things. According to Twitter, the new image looks good on her.

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Amanda Crum
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