Katy Perry Kicked by Barbara Walters While Down

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They say hindsight is 20/20, and Katy Perry reveals to Billboard, in a new interview, that she learned that to be a fact concerning the interview she gave to Barbara Walters during the last ebbing weeks of her marriage to Russel Brand.

"I shouldn't have done the interview," Perry admitted about Walters' Most Fascinating People of 2011 special, which aired that December. "I was playing Madison Square Garden that same night, and I knew that the end of my marriage was coming. I was just exhausted and stressed."

The "Part of Me" star claims that the Queen of Media kicked her a little while she was already down, but notes that it wasn't intentional on Barbara's part.

"I'd prepped everyone that I was running late, but Barbara showed up at the original time anyway," the "Roar" singer continued. "When I got there, I apologized immediately, but then she said to me, 'You know, I've only ever waited for one other person this long, and you know who that person was? Judy Garland. You know how she turned out, right?' I was like, 'Oh, snap! Yes, bitch!'"

But Perry harbors no ill will to Barbara, in fact she still greatly admires her, "I think it's the coolest thing that Barbara Walters shaded me," Perry added. "I just couldn't tell her as we were sitting down for a mega-interview, 'Hey, my marriage is falling apart. Give me a break.'"

Walters of course brought up Perry's husband and his troubled past in the interview, and asked if it was "a good marriage, a happy marriage?"

After a pause, a pink-haired Perry, managed to squeak out, "I think it's lovely, so far."

Russel Brand informed Perry he was leaving via text message, and filed for divorce from the star just weeks after her interview aired.

Walters went on to ask more questions about Perry's whirlwind marriage to Brand. When Walters asked the "Roar" singer if Brand's heroine addiction, that he was battling when they met, bothered her, she replied, "Um, it didn't actually, because I knew about my father's past [battling substance abuse]. "I knew that there is a capacity for change in anyone, I really believe that. I saw that Russell's changed as well, so I believe that people can really…uh…turn out for the best."

But when Walters asked if there was anything she wanted to reveal right then and there, she said, "No, let's just talk about right here."

Her interview with Billboard wasn't only about a past interview, however. The Grammy winning star also talked to Billboard about how some of her songs from "Prism" take influence from Brand, such as the upcoming "Ghost," in which she sings, "You sent a text, it's like the wind changed your mind," in reference to the devastating text message.

And the song "By the Grace of God," she said, "is evident of how tough it really was at a certain point. I asked myself, 'Do I want to endure? Should I continue living?'

"All the songs are real-life moments. I can only write autobiographically. I put all the evidence in the music. I tell my fans if they want to know the real truth about stuff, just listen to the songs."

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