Katy Perry Goes Out For Sushi With Broadway King Neil Patrick Harris


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No one can deny that Katy Perry is a musical sensation. So it makes sense that a star of her caliber may be headed towards one of the most defining locations for music in the United States.


Last Friday, Vulture made a report about the director and writer of the movie, Clueless, Amy Heckerling. Her biggest project these days is a musical adaptation of the movie for Broadway. She very interested in having the pop singer to play the lead. “Katy Perry has expressed interest, and I love her to death,” she said.

What is a pop star to do when you might be headed to Broadway to act and sing in a major musical? Why go out and have sushi with Neil Patrick Harris, of course!

But afterward you must tweet about the experience. Harris did:

And so did Perry:

Speaking of #Fancy. Perry's biggest competition for the role on Broadway may be the creator of the viral music video, Fancy, Iggy Azalea, who happened to make a tribute to Clueless in the video. “It looked like they had more money for the video than I had for the movie,” Heckerling said when she saw it, "But I was extremely flattered and I thought she was amazing. And whoever did the costumes, I don’t know how they did that.”

When asked about casting in the upcoming musical, she said "Maybe Iggy wants to do it!”

The Broadway life may be too big of a commitment for a pop star like Perry. And if there's anyone who can fill her in on the Broadway lifestyle, it's the King of Broadway himself, Neil Patrick Harris. Currently he has the lead in a revival of Hedwig and The Angry Inch, for which he won a Tony.

Image via chefantoniopark, Instagram