Katie Holmes: What Suri Cruise Wants for Christmas

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Katie Holmes was a guest on Ellen DeGeneres's show earlier this week, and talk turned to the holidays. At first the two discussed Thanksgiving plans, and Holmes said she was unsure as to whether or not she'd roast or deep fry her turkey.

Turkey talk has made the talk show rounds this week.

"My mother's going to teach me how to make a turkey. And she's thrilled about it! I'm very excited because I'm the baby of five, and I've been using that for a long time, but this year I'm taking responsibility," she said to David Letterman on a recent episode of The Late Show.

In addition to what she told Letterman, she divulged to Ellen that she'd be experiencing her first foray into homemade stuffing making as well.

"I'm really excited about it," Katie Holmes said.

As everyone knows, Ellen DeGeneres is a huge fan of Christmas, so the conversation soon steered in that direction. Katie Holmes, of course, is mom to Suri Cruise--her daughter with Tom Cruise. Ellen asked Katie what Suri wanted for Christmas.

"She already has her Christmas list ready," the Miss Meadows star told Ellen.

"It's written out. She's very organized and I start to get a little bit of a panic because you cannot screw up talking to Santa. You cannot miss any item on that list, because if you screw that up, that's years and years of hearing about it—and then probably therapy," Katie added. "She's practical. She's just very specific."

Those familiar with Suri Cruise and some of her public antics are likely thinking that her Christmas list is filled with outrageously expensive items, when in fact it's not all that different from many other little girls--except for her sense of organization. As her mom says, she is very organized and specific.

"'I want a puppy,' and then, 'I want a pink collar that has sparkles on it that says the puppy's name,' then, 'I want shoes for the dog,'" said Holmes, who explained that Suri wants a real puppy and not simply a stuffed toy. "'I want a purple clip.' It's all very detailed!"

Ellen DeGeneres sent a gift home to Suri via Katie Holmes--and it might be a bit of a disappointment, coming from the woman who is known to lavish gifts upon all her friends--and many people she hardly knows.

Ellen gave a big plug to her own holiday album, saying it's "what children love."

"That is what I wanted," Holmes said, as she accepted the gift on Suri Cruise's behalf. "Thank you."

Are you surprised that Suri Cruise's Christmas list wasn't a bit more lavish? Of course Katie Holmes only shared a bit of it with Ellen. There might be many additional items that those outside the Holmes-Cruise household simply aren't privy to.

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