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Katie Holmes wears many hats, but she is most well known as an actress on screen in TV and movies. She got her start on Dawson's Creek in 1998, then went on to star in movies like Batman Begins and Don't Be Afraid of the Dark. She has also had a couple of runs on Broadway.

Katie Holmes has had a pretty decent career in Hollywood and on the stage, but now she is seeking to try something new. Holmes has optioned film rights to the upcoming novel All We Had by new author Annie Weatherwax.

She wants to produce a film based on the book. The novel is about single mother Rita, described as gritty, and daughter Ruthie. The pair get evicted from their house and try to begin life anew in a quirky small town called Fat River, which is brimming with interesting locals. Sounds like a great first production project for Katie Holmes!

Katie Holmes isn't a total noob, however. She did serve as executive producer on another book-to-movie in 2010 called The Romantics.

You can see Katie Holmes next month in The Giver, Mania Days later this year, and Woman in Gold in 2015. There is no word yet on whether or not she will star in her production of All We Had.

If so, Katie Holmes definitely has the skills to pull it off. Could she possibly have another book-to-movie hit likeThe Fault in Our Stars or The Hunger Games on her hands?

Who knows, but it sure is nice to see Katie Holmes making a name for herself! She has quite the talent and she should expand it to take on more "hats" in the movie industry.

The novel All We Had will be out on August 5th. Congratulations to Katie Holmes on her new venture!

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