Katie Holmes Talks Possible Dawson's Creek Reunion


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Katie Holmes made herself a household name after starring in the hit teen drama Dawson's Creek.

Holmes portrayed the character Joey Potter from 1998-2003, and although the show hasn't aired a new episode in over ten years, she said she may be open for a reunion.

Since the series ended, there has been a major demand for a reunion, which Holmes calls "hugely flattering."

“I think that show touched a certain generation," Holmes told Gossip Cop. “It was innocent at a time when innocence was very valued and present. But it had that teen angst that really revealed what everybody was going through."

Rumors of a possible reunion have circulated for years, but so far none have proven to be true. So, why is everyone dying to see Holmes return to the creek?

“Maybe we all want to feel those feelings again,” Holmes speculates. “I don’t know. Maybe that’s why they want a reunion.”

Holmes has moved on since Dawson's Creek, and has become one of Hollywood's top actresses. Despite her successful career, Holmes says that she will always have a special place for the show that gave her her start.

"It was very difficult for me to leave Wilmington, to have my little glass bubble burst and move on," she said. "I hate change. On the other hand it was refreshing to play someone else."