Katie Couric Talks Wedding With Savannah Guthrie

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Katie Couric sat down with The Today Show's Savannah Guthrie on Wednesday morning and talked about her recent wedding to John Molner. She even shared some beautiful wedding photos of the bride and groom and their respective children.

"I just wasn't nervous at all," Katie told Savannah. "For someone who is generally hyper, I was incredibly relaxed."

Katie and John walked down the aisle together to "Til There Was You," which was performed by a string quartet in the backyard of Couric's East Hampton home. Yes, it defied tradition, but there hasn't been much traditional about Katie Couric since she was widowed and left to raise two girls, bury a sister in later years, and climb to heights where no other female journalist has gone.

Katie's first husband Jay Monahan died in 1998 of colon cancer. She has since become a huge crusader for awareness and colonoscopies. She is also active in raising funds for both colon cancer and pancreatic cancer, which took her sister Emily's life in recent years. She is an active part of Stand Up To Cancer, a fundraising telecast that airs on September 5th on the NBC, Bravo, Oxygen, and E! networks. This is the fourth such cancer fundraising event.

Katie Couric told Savannah Guthrie about choosing her wedding dress just days before her wedding and about how her new husband was actually a big part of the planning because she was so busy with work commitments.

It was the wedding photos that Savannah--and viewers at home--were no doubt most eager to see, however, and Katie joked about a huge montage the TODAY Show displayed--asking if she could take it home with her after her interview.

It's hard not to be happy for Katie Couric. She has lost so much in her life, yet remained so positive throughout it all. It was plain to see that Savannah Guthrie was positively glowing with happiness for Katie during their interview--or was that perhaps due to her pregnancy instead?

Congrats to Katie Couric on her wedding and the happiness she deserves.

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