Kate Upton Wants A Confident Guy

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Kate Upton must be the most sought-after girl in the world right now.

However, some men would not have what it takes to get a second look from the lovely and talented model.

Grooming is very important to Kate Upton and that definitely comes across in her new campaign for Gillette.

So, the world must know...

What does it take to get Kate Upton's attention?

She says confidence is key.

Kate Upton told GQ, "I think, really, it's all about confidence - it's however a guy feels the most confident. And anytime someone walks into a room who is just exuding confidence, I think whatever they're doing is amazing."

Unless what they're doing is steering clear of the shower and deodorant and they smell bad.

"...if you think that someone smells bad then that usually means that you're not attracted to them. It's like your body is rejecting them. It's pheromones."

Or not taking proper care of themselves, in which case, you may not have a shot. It's quite important.


Kate Upton said of the importance of good grooming habits, "I'm constantly talking to my male friends or someone I'm dating about how important it is to take care of yourself. I feel like everything is catered toward women and that's what's so great about Gillette: they are making men more aware about how to take care of yourself. Growing up my mom was like 'this is what you do, this is how you do it.' I have a younger brother and the only reason he's doing it because we tell him: you have to wash your face, you have to moisturise, you have to trim. Now he knows and now he takes care of himself and he feels better for it."

I wish it was that easy for my little brother in his teen years! Oh, well. I guess we can't all have that kind of influence.

If you're looking to get a second glance from Kate Upton, in short, be confident and don't stink. That...pretty much goes for most women, actually.

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