Kate Moss Celebrates Turning the Big 4-0

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Kate Moss will celebrate turning the big 4-0 on Thursday January 16th, and unlike most models her age, her career is far from over. In preparation for her big day, Moss posed for the December cover of Playboy magazine, wearing bunny ears and black stilettos. And even though she only rocks the catwalk on rare occasion these days, hardly a month passes when she isn't featured front and center in a huge advertising campaign. Her recent jobs include Rimmel and Versace.

The fourth highest paid fashion model in the world, Kate Moss earned $5.7 million between June of 2012 and June of 2013, according to Forbes. She will soon add to that cache as her new collaboration with Topshop is set to launch in April. British Vogue will call Moss one of their own in the very near future as she soon debuts one of several upcoming articles as the magazine's contributing fashion editor.

Even though Kate Moss is still modeling, these stints as designer and fashion editor certainly make it sound like she's preparing for life away--or at least less often in front of--the camera. And that may not even have anything to do with how she looks. It's entirely possible she preparing for a life that features a bit less limelight. Her ex-boyfriend Johnny Depp once told her to keep a good portion of her life private--and she has--in order to maintain a certain amount of intrigue. Might she be getting ready to take that privacy about a half step further?

"He told me 'never complain, never explain'," she wrote in her 2012 book, Kate: The Kate Moss Book of Johnny Depp's advice. "That's why I don't use Twitter and things like that. I don't want people to know what is true all the time and that's what keeps the mystery."

In the meantime, however, Kate Moss isn't a complete mystery. Fans can see her as the face (and body) of many upcoming advertising campaigns, and even after she decides to live her life with a bit more mystery, she'll surely show her attributes at fashion premieres and at guest appearances around the globe.

So how do you suppose Kate Moss is celebrating turning 40 years old? There's a rumored party taking place at Richard Branson's private retreat in the Caribbean. Grazia magazine is celebrating in honor of Kate with a 17-page spread of her featured in this month's issue. A French documentary called Looking for Kate is set to air and an exhibit in London of Kate Moss photos throughout the years is on display.

All in all, that's a pretty good birthday. Kate Moss is definitely turning 40 in high style, And who would expect anything less?

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