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Kate Hudson and her rocker fiance, Muse frontman Matthew Bellamy, enjoyed a performance by Elton John on Friday, September 20th at the iHeart Radio Music Festival in Las Vegas. As they watched "Tiny Dancer", It was a little reminiscent of the movie in which Kate had her break out role, "Almost Famous" in 2000, earning herself an Emmy nomination and instant A-list worthy status.

Hudson played a wide-eyed groupie named Penny Lane in the Cameron Crowe film, which also starred Billy Cruddup and Patrick Fugit. "Almost Famous", a kind of comedy/drama thing, was actually based on Crowe's real-life experiences touring with Rock bands. It follows a high school boy, played by Fugit, who gets the chance to write an article for Rolling Stone about a new rock band that is rising to the top. Penny Lane teaches him all about life and the music business. In one scene, the entire band, including Hudson, begins to sing Elton John's hit, "Tiny Dancer", from 1971.


"Muse shared a dressing room with Elton John so Matthew Bellamy and Kate Hudson were hanging out with Elton before Elton went on last night," a source reveals Us Weekly. "They walked out with Elton on Elton's way to the stage."

Hudson and Bellamy held hands during the entire song. "They were kissing, holding hands, having so much fun together the whole time. Kate looked radiant!" the insider added. Bellamy and his band, Muse were also there to perform. They got engaged in the Spring of 2011, and in June of 2011, welcomed their first child together, Bingham. He was the second child for Kate. She has a son from her marriage to Chris Robinson of the Black Crows, Ryer, who is 9. They were married from 2000 to 2007.

The Daily Mail reported (and photographed) Kate showing off her amazing legs in a short purple romper gettup and red lipstick to match her shiny red heels. In addition to taking in performances from Elton John, Adam Lambert, fun., and Chirs Brown with Benni Benassi, etc, she also presented an award.

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