Kate Gosselin Reality TV Salary Revealed


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Kate Gosselin is definitely winning with Kate Plus 8 and TLC is reportedly paying big bucks for the hit reality show.

According to Radar Online, the 39-year-old reality TV mom is rumored to be making more than $40K per episode. The hefty salary comes just months after Kate's highly rated two-hour specials.

An insider close to Kate shared details about the generous deal the network has offered the mom of 8. It was definitely an offer she couldn't refuse.

Kate couldn’t turn it down. She loves doing TV and it’s basically her only source of income,” the insider said. “The twins will be going off to college in five years and then she has six more to put through, so she desperately needs these TLC specials.”

Although her new salary isn't remotely close to what she earned with Jon & Kate Plus 8, it can definitely help with the expenses she has raising eight kids.

The insider went on to reveal a few details about Kate's reported salary. Although she'll be making $40K per episode this time around, the network hasn't announced the number of episodes she'll be taping.

"Kate’s making more than $40,000 per episode of the new special series, but it’s not clear yet how many episodes there will be,” the source said. “Right now they’re only locked in for one season.”

As a single mother, Kate could definitely use the income. In just a few years, she'll be sending the twins off to college, which will add to her long list of expenses. So, the new show will be a big help.

“Tuition is expensive and Kate is a single mother. She needs an income,” the source added. “She’s always happy when TLC wants more of her.”

The new season of Kate Plus 8 is scheduled to air some time later this year in December.