Kate Gosselin And Twins Redeem Themselves On The View


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Kate Gosselin has been criticized for being strict with her children but has always defended herself by swearing that her children were happy. Last week, Kate's two oldest children Mady and Cara had a chance to set the record straight with an interview on the Today Show. While the world was anxious to hear what the two twins had to say about their lives, they were awkwardly silent.

When asked a question, neither of the girls seemed to feel comfortable answering and both of them looked at each other and their mother for answers. Kate tried to persuade the girls to talk but when that didn't work, she resorted to answering the questions for them.

Kate said that the girls were just nervous, but rumors that they were too afraid to answer began to surface. Had Kate threatened the girls not to speak publicly about their lives or were the two young girls simply caught off guard?

Kate and her girls had a chance to redeem themselves this week on The View and the interviews seemed to go a little better. The girls were asked simple questions such as, "What kind of stuff do you do around the house to help your mom?" and "What do you guys like to do?" The girls seemed a little nervous, but eventually answered and seemed to be genuine. They even appeared to be comfortable talking about their parents' divorce and at one point joked about their interview on the Today Show.

When Barbara Walters asked the girls to explain what it was like to live with so many siblings, Kate turned to Mady and said, "You've waited your whole life for this question."

Mady jokingly said, "You ruined my dramatic silence!" and proceeded to answer the question.

Do you think Kate rehearsed the answers with her girls or do you think they were being honest during the interview?

Image via YouTube.