Kanye West Really Likes French Montana


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It can be hard to meet your significant other's family members, especially if those family members are as dysfunctional and famous as the Kardashians.

French Montana is now dating Khloe Kardashian and while it seems like most of the family likes him alright, he says that he has really bonded with Kim Kardashian's husband Kanye West.

"That's Kanye, man, we just sit down and talk about everything's that going on with hip-hop... this and that," he said.

"Kanye's overseeing the production of my entire album. I just wanna give my fans what they know me for. I don't want to change with what people are following," the rapper continued.

Montana and West don't just get along because of their connections to the Kardashian family. Montana claims that Kanye almost signed him to his record label just a few years ago.

"Kanye was actually going to sign me. Since around that time, we both had great chemistry and a great relationship," he said.

Khloe and French started dating in April, shortly after Khloe divorced her husband Lamar Odom. Lamar allegedly disappeared for days at a time and was also abusing drugs while married to Khloe.

Recently, Khloe also claimed that he cheated on her.

French seems to have helped Khloe get over her failed marriage and also seems to make her very happy. The couple go out often and Khloe almost always has a smile on her face when she is with him.

Khloe plans to take things slow with French and although it is possible that Khloe and French might get married someday, right now they are happy just dating and French is happy with his friendship with Kanye.

What do you think of their relationship?

Image via Wikimedia Commons