Kaley Cuoco Gets Married On Ellen's Show [Video]


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Kaley Cuoco and her sweetheart Ryan Sweeting were recently "wed" on Ellen Degeneres' talk show. The couple had a mock ceremony on the show, but are they really married now?

Ellen had the grand idea to bring her Cuoco's boyfriend out on stage during her interview, and made a spectacle of the couple on national television. She gave away the bride, and her head writer, who had recently become ordained, married the couple.

Cuoco is known to audiences as the female star on The Big Bang Theory, the show that stars Jim Parsons as the nerdy Sheldon Cooper. The young actress got her start on 8 Simple Rules, playing John Ritter's daughter.

The actress opened up about her recent love life, saying that she had sworn off love and did everything she could to not meet him. Their whole relationship happened very fast and she said of the beginning, "By day two I was like, 'Oh my God.' It was so unbelievable. I said, 'This is it, this is it.' "

The wedding ceremony happened in less than a minute on the show, and included Cuoco wearing a veil and a tennis-ball necklace, along with a dress, except not the typical wedding kind of dress. She also laughs wildly during the clip when her boyfriend asks about whether the ceremony is actually legal. Before the wedding happened, Kaley Cuoco had just finished telling Ellen another surprise, regarding the idea that she had even fallen in love with Sweeting in the first place, after previously swearing to give up on love.

She says that a mutual friend actually introduced the couple, and there is no doubt that she is happy her friend forced her to go for it after describing her current emotions when saying "So happy. Life is so good right now. I cannot even tell you."

Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting have been engaged since the tennis pro popped the question in September.

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