Kaley Cuoco Fights Fire With Humor

Lacy LangleyLife

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Kaley Cuoco has a funny way of fighting back against the jerk who released hundreds of nude photos of celebrities over the weekend. Instead of being shocked, dismayed, or even embarassed, the Big Bang Theory star fought fire with...laughter.

The blonde starlet posted a pic to Instagram of her and her husband, Ryan Sweeting, on the beach with heavy pixels covering their private bits. The funny thing is, they were both obviously wearing swimsuits.

Kaley Cuoco captioned the cheeky pic, "What a fun day that was, frolicking with my hubs on the beaches of Mexico! Feels like we forgot something?"

Kaley Cuoco was only one of many celebrities who were exposed. Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Lea Michele, Gabrielle Union, Hayden Panettiere, Hilary Duff, Mary-Kate Olsen, Selena Gomez, and Kirsten Dunst were also victimized.

Some celebrities, like Kaley Cuoco, were able to laugh at the situation. Others were not.

For example, Ricky Gervais, as always, was unable to let a serious situation stay serious.

While Lena Dunham, on the other hand, felt the situation a dire one.

What a mess. At least Kaley Cuoco doesn't seem to have suffered any long-term mental trauma or distress over the leak!

Lacy Langley
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