K-Cups Available In Soup Varieties Next Year


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K-Cup and soup lovers, both, are about to be pleasantly surprised by a new creation when Campbell Soup Co. and Green Mountain Coffee join forces to produce K-Cup soups next year.

So far, three varieties of soup cups will be available – including a Chicken Broth and Noodle choice.

Campbell Soup Co. has been trying to diversify their food offerings for years; they have launched soups that can be eaten on the go without a spoon, and many different types of new flavors. Campbell’s also carries “Go” soups, which come in microwavable packaging.

Green Mountain is a company that has achieved enormous success with their single-serve coffee machines, much like a Keurig; they not only carry K-Cups of coffee varieties, but also cups of teas, fruit juices and hot chocolate. Now, they will be carrying soups as well.

According to the manufacturer of Green Mountain single-serve coffee brewers, the machines are self-cleaned during the brewing process; fans of coffee and soup, alike, won’t have to worry about their flavors mixing when using their machine to make coffee AND soup.

The K-Cups of soup will work much like Cup O’Soup and Ramen Noodles soups – a small packet of broth will be included to be brewed over a packet of dried vegetables and pasta.

As of right now, there is no nutrition information available for the individual serving soups – they are still in planning stages, although there have been many consumer tests done on the idea – but the cups are currently being categorized as “snacks.”

Campbell Soup Co. CEO Denise Morrison said recently of the new creation, “It’s a delicious soup at the touch of a button.”

No word yet on an exact date of when the K-Cup soups are expected to hit supermarket shelves next year.

Image courtesy Campbell Soup Company via Wikimedia Commons.