Justin Timberlake, Aaron Sorkin Discuss "The Social Network"

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Comedy Central was all about The Social Netork last night. The Daily Show had Justin Timberlake, who portrays Sean Parker in the film, and The Colbert Report had Aaron Sorkin, the screenwriter. 

Timberlake says he's "ridiculously stupid with computers".  He calls Zuckerberg a "brilliant mind".  

Colbert asks Sorkin fiction or fact? Sorkin responds, "Fiction...I'm sorry, fact...it's absolute non-fiction." 

He goes on to say he wants to "start fights in the parking lot" about which characters are right and wrong. He also says viewers will enjoy the movie whether they love or hate Facebook.  

He also has a bit of interesting commentary about social networking in general. "I do think that socializing on the Internet is to socializing what reality TV is to reality."  

Colbert's response: "Well, we're not going to get any deeper than that." 

Here's Timberlake on The Daily Show:

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Here's Sorkin on Colbert:

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See what director David Fincher has to say about Facebook here. Our review of The Social Network is here

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