Justin Theroux Shows Off His Goodies While Jogging

Amanda CrumLife

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Justin Theroux may be engaged to one of the hottest actresses on the planet, but he still wants to show off what he's got, just so the ladies know what they're missing.

Theroux was snapped while jogging recently in New York, and there's a rather noticeable bulge happening down south. Of course, he's not the first celeb to go commando in public; "Mad Men" actor Jon Hamm does it on the reg (for which we're all very grateful). But Theroux's display seems a bit more painful; wouldn't there be chafing involved while jogging in the heat? And jostling of...things?

Looks like between this and Jen's nipple problem, they're a match made in heaven. You can see photos here, if you're brave enough to take a peek. Be careful with that zoom feature, though.

Amanda Crum
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