Justin Bieber's Mugshot Appealing To Proactiv?: "We Are Happy to Work With His Team"


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Justin Bieber's arrest has made headlines for numerous reasons.

If the media's not trying to collect information about his alleged girlfriend or reasons for his downward spiral, they're digging for more details in regards to the recent raid of his home.

However, there's yet another reason the "Beauty and The Beat" singer is making headlines - his mugshot.

For those who haven't seen it, the picture captures the 19-year-old singer without the light makeup commonly used in photo-shoots and music videos. It reveals exactly what he looks like outside of the celebrity glitz and glam.

Two things are blatantly noticeable in the mugshot - his wide, silly grin and his acne breakout! His smile immediately raised eyebrows, given his unforeseen circumstances. But, the acne also raised speculation as the 'Biebs' was a spokesperson for the skin care and acne treatment company Proactiv.

(image)According to E! News, Bieber hasn't had any affiliation with the Guthy-Renker direct marketing company since March 2013. However, the company has stated that they would have the 'Biebs' back if the treatment is necessary.

The company recently spoke with E! in regards to the singer. "Proactiv prides itself on having strong relationships with our celebrity fans. Drs. Katie Rodan and Kathy Field's dedication to helping people take control of their acne does not expire with the end of an endorsement deal," the company told E! in an exclusive statement.

Proactiv also took the initiative to clarify comments expressed in a recent report about the aftermath of Bieber's DUI arrest. "In regards to the TMZ article, portions of the piece were the TMZ reporter's opinion yet written to appear as Kathy Field's direct quotes. We are working with TMZ to correct the story so Kathy Field's provided interview can be accurately represented," they tell us.

In addition to the previous endorsement with Proactiv, Bieber also has a current endorsement with Adidas. Since there have been times when criminal charges have effected the solidity of an endorsement, E! opted to contact the multinational footwear company in regards to Bieber's partnership.

"Nothing has changed with our partnership at this time," an Adidas spokesperson exclusively confirmed with E! News.

Image(s) via Twitter | Keri Lumm  Facebook | Justin Bieber