Justin Bieber Vacations After Arrest


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You would think after having his home searched by police in connection with vandalism and being arrested for DUI and street racing, Justin Bieber would give it a rest. Apparently, the young, troubled singer just can't do that and he has already been spotted hanging out with his entourage in Panama.

In Panama, the drinking age is only 18, so many people are assuming he is vacationing there to continue drinking without getting into anymore trouble. Many people are concerned that Bieber may have a drinking problem and while many have accused him of acting like a spoiled brat, others see his actions as a cry for help.

Bieber was vacationing in Miami, Florida last week when he was arrested for DUI and street racing. He was released from jail the same day on bail. Many wondered where he would turn up next or if he would do what so many celebrities do after being arrested, voluntarily go to rehab.

Instead of making the mature choice and seeking help for his problems, Bieber chose to take yet another vacation with the same group of people who have been linked to his illegel shenanigans.

Bieber did not release a statement following his arrest, but he did leave his fans a message on Twitter.

Bieber could face jail time for his arrests and is already being sued by a former bodyguard and blamed for egging his neighbor's home.

Do you think Bieber's recent actions are a cry for help or simply publicity stunts?

Image via YouTube.