Justin Bieber: Cops Find Cocaine During Search

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Justin Bieber was served with a search warrant on Tuesday afternoon as police investigate a vandalism claim, and now it's being reported that the pop star had cocaine in his home.

Bieber allegedly egged his neighbor's home last week and was caught on video during an altercation with the man, who had his daughter call 911. However, the video didn't show Bieber actually throwing eggs, but was taken just afterward. Bieber can be heard yelling obcsenities at the man in the background.

The victim says the damage to his home could be in the thousands of dollars, which gets into felony vandalism territory, and the L.A.P.D. is investigating the claims. According to CinemaBlend, the officers found cocaine during their search today which allegedly belongs to rapper Lil' Za, a longtime friend of the pop star. He was promptly arrested on felony possession charges.

Bieber was reportedly cooperative with the search, but rumors have been flying recently that authorities are bound and determined to pin something on the young singer because this isn't the first time his neighbors have complained about his behavior; they have also called police about his speeding through the neighborhood, and the man whose home was egged says the two of them have had run-ins before.

The estimate for damages to his home varies across the web, but according to TMZ, the expensive Venetian plaster on the side of his house has brought the number into the thousands of dollars.

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