Julianna Margulies' Beautiful New Apartment Flooded


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It's a good thing that Architectural Digest decided to shoot some photos of Julianna Margulies' beautiful apartment, because she may need those photos to remember how it looked. Just a few weeks after the magazine asked to use her home in an issue, her upstairs neighbor's radiator busted and flooded her newly decorated apartment.

Margulies was recently nominated for a Golden Globe and appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show to talk about her role of Alicia Florrick on the CBS drama The Good Wife. While on the show, she also talked about the apartment flooding. She explained that the family had been on vacation and returned home to find the apartment a wet mess.

"The whole time I kept saying to my son, 'We have our health,' " she said of travel delays during a winter storm. "We actually enjoyed it. We went and stayed at the Marriott in Denver. The airport Marriott, the beds were very comfortable. We were fine and then they lost our luggage, and that's fine. It happens."

"We walked into our brand-new apartment with this [magazine] – it was in the mail – and everything was flooded," she continued. "The whole place had completely flooded from the guy upstairs."

The actress was happy to have the photos of her home before the flood and did not comment on how much the repairs to the flooded home will cost.

It is not uncommon for radiators to bust in cold weather, when they are working their hardest. If you happen to live below a neighbor with a busted radiator, you are in a position to deal with flooding.

Hopefully Margulies can get her apartment repaired quickly and have it redecorated to meet her likings. Even if she can't get it back to what it looked like before the flood, she will always have the magazine photos to remember the way it used to be.

Image via YouTube.