Julia Roberts' Half-Sister Leaves Suicide Note; Nasty Family Details Revealed

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A few months before Julia Roberts’ half-sister Nancy Motes committed suicide, Roberts urged their mother to change her last name, Motes. An insider close to the family said, “Julia wanted it so her mom could distance herself from not only her abusive ex-hubby Michael Motes, but also the memory of Nancy herself.”

Roberts’ mother filed for a change of name in December, and the request was granted in April this year – Motes committed suicide in February. She was found in the bathtub of her home in Los Angeles, and her death was ruled a suicide. Authorities said that she took prescription and non-prescription drugs before climbing into the bathtub.

Motes’ suicide note was later revealed. She blamed her family for her depression. “My mother and so-called ‘siblings’ get nothing except the memory that they are the ones that drove me into the deepest depression I’ve ever been in,” Motes wrote.

Motes also said in her hand-written suicide note that she has suffered from depression all her life, but “it has never been this bad.”

Her lifeless body was found by her fiancé John Dilbeck, who she called her “one true love.” They were supposed to marry in May. “I know this will effect (sic) you the most & I can’t apologize enough. I was truly blessed & lucky to have you as my true love and best friend. I will carry you with me forever,” Motes wrote.

Roberts and Motes had a rocky relationship. Just a few days before her suicide, Motes took to Twitter to say nasty things about her Oscar-winning sister. One of the tweets read, “Just so you all know ‘America’s Sweetheart’ is a BI***!!” Motes also tweeted about her family, saying, “My own family has abandoned me.”

Did Nancy Motes commit suicide to ruin her sister's chance at winning an Oscar?

In an interview last year, Motes also said that Roberts heavily teased her about her weight. Dilbeck told The Daily Mail in March, “Julia tormented Nancy about her weight and called her a fat failure. Nancy spiraled into a pit of depression and took her own life.”

“If Nancy had known that Julia was insisting her mom change her name, it would have broken her heart,” the insider said.

Julia Roberts is accused of fat-shaming her half-sister

Motes now rests at the New Smyrna Cemetery in Georgia. On her gravestone, the words “I love you more” are written. The insider explains the inscription and said, “’I love you more’ is what Nancy told her mom at the end of a conversation. Betty Lou would say ‘I love you,’ and Nancy would reply, ‘I love you more, momma.’”

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