Juggalo Death Reported At Illinois Gathering

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An annual outdoor gathering of ICP fans has reportedly been marred by the overdose death of a fan.

Gawker is reporting that the body of a male in his late 20's or early 30's was found in a tent, apparently having died from a heroin overdose. There has been no official comment on the death by the rappers or from Psychopathic Records, which is in charge of the event, but police did confirm that there was an "incident" yesterday.

The Gathering of the Juggalos is a well-known event which takes place at Cave-In-Rock, Illinois and is largely free of police presence as long as there are no violent incidents. However, a "Drug Bridge" makes it easy for anyone looking for some recreational substances, and as long as no shady activity goes on, everyone allegedly looks the other way.

"We stopped a few people from bringing things in," security guard Mike Wilson said. "One guy had a lot of drugs. He was a drug dealer or something and had no business being here. I have had to look the other way a few times, but mostly these kids are just having fun. No one is violent or even rude. These are all real good kids out here. It's a shame."

Several arrests have reportedly been made this year relating to fans bringing massive amounts of drugs onto the site, and according to LA Weekly, there were multiple overdoses on Friday, though no others were fatal.

Amanda Crum
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