Jude Law Says His Kids Keep Him Sane


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While on a brief break from playing Henry V on the London stage, Jude Law spoke to USA Today in his dressing room. He talked about the struggles of being a father and actor. Law gushed about the importance of his children in his life. He told the magazine that: "[Acting] is what I get to do only in the hours I'm not [parenting], which is everything to me. My children keep me sane in what is a mad world - particularly mad if you choose to be an actor.''

Law has four children, Rafferty, 17, Iris, 13, Rudy,11, and Sophia Lee, 4. The three oldest children are from his previous marriage to Sadie Frost. Model Samantha Burke is Sophia Lee's mother. Law credits his children with keeping him grounded.He mentions in the article how they are all equally delighted and embarrassed about his job as an actor.

Curtains close for Henry V  in February, after an non-sop 18 month run. Because of such an intense production, Law says that he's really looking forward to a break. Though he knows he'll have to find a new job eventually, he's in no rush. The eight shows a week schedule took a toll on Law physically. Nevertheless, the stage gives him an adrenaline rush. This is one reason why the actor has been taking more stage based parts over film and screen roles. "The''stage is just a different approach - like being on tour for a musician, as opposed to making an album. In the studio you have all these toys available to you, but when you're live, you have that adrenaline rush from knowing that at 7:30, you're on and you're off," says Law.

Law has a few film releases coming up this year. One of them is Black Sea, about an unemployed captain who searches for a sub rumored to be filled with gold. Law also has a part in the much anticipated Wes Anderson film, The Grand Budapest Hotel. IIn Budapest Hotel, he plays a character simply named "Young Writer."

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