Jordana Brewster Gives Birth To First Child

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Jordana Brewster welcomed a baby boy via surrogate along with her husband, Andrew Form.

The couple have been married for six years and hinted not long ago that they were ready to add to their family.

"I definitely want to have kids. I want two. I grew up with a sister, but I know Andrew would love boys, but I'll take what I can get. One thing that I've always sort of loved and been enamoured by is the idea of having twins. My dad was a twin, so it runs in the family. Fingers crossed. So we're thinking about having kids but I don’t know when it'll happen. I feel very ready now," the actress said earlier this year.

The baby boy--Julian Brewster-Form--may not have an easy time of it if he wants to follow in his actor-mom's footsteps; the "Fast And Furious" star says she didn't grow up in a showbiz family and will warn her kids away from it.

"Whenever I have a kid, if he or she says, 'I want to be an actor,' I'll say, 'Please don't do it!'" she said. "No one in my family was in show business, so they didn't know better."

But that doesn't mean she doesn't love what she does; Brewster says working on the films through so many sequels has given the cast a family feeling.

"Working on those movies. I work the most with Paul {Walker} and he's so sweet and hilarious. We were doing green screen in the car and I only drive automatic, so he's telling me how to shift and what to do. It's similar to being on a television show, because for Paul and Vin {Diesel} and me—it's been like 14 years. Which is so crazy! It's a long time. It's like a relationship."

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