Jon Bon Jovi Interested in Buying Buffalo Bills

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Jon Bon Jovi has expressed interest in buying the Buffalo Bills. The team will officially go on the market once owner Ralph Wilson passes away--and although some believe the Rogers Communications group in Toronto is the prime suitor thus far, Bon Jovi has spent a lot of time in the area, getting to know politicians and bigwigs.

Ralph Wilson, who is 95 years old and wheelchair bound, is said to be in decent health, although he hasn't attended a game in more than a year. His family has said they will definitely sell the team when he passes away. Roger Communications is an 'international media monster' that is worth millions of dollars. Can Jon Bon Jovi possibly have what it takes to outbid the wealthy corporation?

The rock star has spent a great deal of time befriending both NFL owners and their general managers. He has sought their input on many football related issues. He was almost a part owner of the Falcons but is far more intent now upon becoming a principal owner. That, however, requires immense capital--which he is working actively to raise.

How perfect would this be? When Jon Bon Jovi decides to retire his spot on rock concert stages and in the recording studio, he will then be set for the next phase of his life as the owner of a football team. Twitter followers are definitely interested in this notion.

The current owner of the Buffalo Bills has said recently that he wants to keep the franchise located in Buffalo. It's uncertain whether that would be part of Jon Bon Jovi's plans or not. A call to his rep on behalf on the Buffalo News remains unanswered.

Some folks in Buffalo think the rock star is simply Livin' On A Prayer. But they--as well as any other naysayers--shouldn't underestimate what Jon Bon Jovi can do. Just ask people in New Jersey. They will likely say he accomplishes just about everything he sets his mind to.

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